Visionary Wave Art

What are you?
To define is to limit.

Oscar Wilde

My name is Evgeniya Martyniuk. I am an artist with Slavic routes and currently based in Antwerp, Belgium.

I have been studying art for as long as I remember myself, did several courses in drawing, painting and clay sculpting in Russia, and took anatomy drawing classes in Belgium.

The worlds - my inner world, the worlds of other people and the world around are a great source of inspiration. Many layers of connections, feelings, meanings.

Currently I have chosen for acrylics, acrylic ink and water-mixable oils on canvas due to their impressive range of possibilities (from washes to impasto, from a la prima to glazing) and amazing compatibility in mixed media work, alongside with the durability of the art works. I like to work in watercolour pencils and mixed media as well, as it enebles a lot of play and a free-flow process.