Visionary Wave Art

What are you?
To define is to limit.

Oscar Wilde

It is definitely a challenge to define without limiting,
but I am going to try.

My name is Evgeniya Martyniuk. I am an artist with Slavic routes and currently based in Antwerp, Belgium.

I have been studying art for as long as I remember myself, did several courses in drawing, painting and clay sculpting in Russia, and took anatomy drawing classes in Belgium. I have a degree in linguistics, my sphere of interest there is in the cognitive field. It is important to mention, as my linguistic studies have played an important role in forming my creative process and the duality of it.

On the one hand, I bring the intuitive processing the reality based on dreams and visions to the manifestation in art , on the other hand I present the conscious exploration into the symbols appearing in culture, making a step from the inner world to the outer and back, as well as creating the bridge between different mythological systems . This is represented in the balancing between visionary art, symbolism and surrealism. I am fascinated by the intricate connection between human and nature, especially within the "human nature" paradigm, where both are becoming parts of each other, growing into each other, and yet stay distinct. Emotions are essential part of natural in people, so that leads to a certain touch of expressionism in some of my works. 

The central themes in my art are myths in all its forms (pan-, poly-, mono- and a-theistic), archetypes, evolution-involution process. Myth in the wide sense is processing the collective intuitive. I believe that any creative process (art) reflects the evolution of self, and the whole society as the sum of selves. My evolution as a painter is presented within the wide spectre of media and techniques used. Every idea in every work or series is unique and requires a special approach and matching choice of creative means.

Currently I have chosen for acrylics, acrylic ink and water-mixable oils on canvas due to their impressive range of possibilities (from washes to impasto, from a la prima to glazing) and amazing compatibility in mixed media work, alongside with the durability of the art works.